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The Global Executive Solutions (GES) team includes former Shipbuilding industry executives who have delivered over 100 boats on time and on schedule.  It is comprised of retired Navy Officers and Process Improvement Experts, as well as many Subject Matter Experts in various disciplines including Manufacturing and Supply Chain. The GES Team represents over 400 years of combined experience, which distinguishes them from other consulting firms that tend to concentrate on high-level strategy and theoretical solutions. 

About Us

The GES team has demonstrated a successful track record in improving material availability by applying their experience and bridging the gap between suppliers and shipbuilders. This reduces construction costs and schedule delinquencies. Our team gets involved by making direct observations of the shop floors and eventually working their way up to the highest level of authority.  It is the real-world experiences of the GES Team that prove to be our most valuable asset.  This makes it easy for our team to see each client as a unique case; solutions are individualized and created for the specific needs and issues in question. 

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