10 Important Expectations when Hiring Consultants

  1. Pay for results, NOT ideas or recommendations.
  2. Meet the installation/implementation team.
  3. Take time to qualify and quantify the goals and objectives of the project.
  4. ROI is important, but do not make it the cornerstone of the project.
  5. Expect a mix of tangible and intangible benefits. Morale cannot be measured by numbers, but know it is good for your organization.
  6. Start with “proof of concept”. If results live up to your expectations, then expand to other areas. Remember: your team still has day jobs so do not overwhelm them with consulting projects that can be very consuming if not properly laid out.
  7. Confirm that the selected provider neither uses, nor enforces a rigid, mass-produced, or generic approach or process. Every department or business unit is unique and different.
  8. Ask GES to examine the firm/consultants’ experience and track record. Have multiple providers competing for your business and let GES Group help you compare and contrast.
  9. Listen to your employees first and foremost; do not pay for embellished and re-packaged amateur ideas. Effective consultants will always give credit to your team and focus on execution not conceptualizations.
  10. With over one hundred firms and thousands of consultants to choose from, it can be taxing to select the right fit.  Avoid the added pressure; let GES GROUP assist your needs.

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